We will work with you to setup the best of practice backup procedure tailored to your business. You are also able to manually initiate backups at any time! Software wizards will ensure no files are ever missed.

When selecting files by type, it provides a list of commonly used application programs to choose from.
For example, we could setup a backup set that backed up all Microsoft Word and Excel data files
to your hard drive. Every time a backup occurs the cloud backup software will automatically find all
of your Word and Excel and other file formats.

Once you finish selecting what to backup, the cloud backup software can calculate how much data
you have chosen. Our Digital Cloud software can also throttle your bandwidth so your backup process
will never effect other data intensive applications. We will help tailor your schedule and then configure it.
You are free to control as much of the process as you wish or let us handle it all.

How you know your backups worked? Our Managed Hybrid + Recovery logs and reports what was
backed up. Your backups are continually monitored and issues are solved before you are even aware
they happened! Our hybrid solution doesn't just store your data in the cloud. We deploy a device at your
location so you have access to your backed up data even if the Internet is unavailable. Here at DCC,
we offer worry-free backs, the best kind of backups!

• Ease-of-use. We setup and monitor your networks for you.
• Simple installation. Quick & easy, at your convenience.
• Automatic Backup set to your needs.
• Scalability so you can pay as you grow.
• Security that adheres to SAS Certified and HIPPA compliant via
    military grade redundant data centers.
• Multiple revisions so you don't have to worry about accidental deletions or overwrites.
• Logs & reports your history so you can see what happened anytime, anywhere.